Kavita+ Updates

  • Added the ability to import and keep synchronized MAL Stacks that you own or have restacked on your account
  • Added a background task to build out external metadata over time
  • Added hooks to fill out external metadata for new series when added to Kavita
  • Removed old APIs from pre-v0.7.13
  • Removed Book library from Scrobbling/Metadata pull. Books being in Google Books was far and few in-between. This is a temporary solution until Hardcover support is implemented, which has good Book (and some Comic) support. If you have light novels, change to the LN library type. The scanner works the same.
  • Ability to Sort and Filter by 'AverageRating' - the overall rating from the upstream metadata providers
  • Ability to store external metadata (rating, review, recommendations) in your DB for faster loads and less strain at runtime
  • Removal of the ability to scrobble Reviews to AniList - Issue (opens in a new tab)
  • Ability to reset your license key via Kavita
  • Ability to tie your license with Discord for upcoming hidden channels
  • Fixed Want to read not scrobbling from Kavita
  • External Recommendations can now be clicked to preview the series metadata within Kavita. No longer do you have to open a new tab to get a gist of the Series.
  • Reviews are now mixed to show a better spectrum. You will always get the first and last 2 and a selection from the middle. This should help you get a fuller picture if the series is a good read for you.
  • Fixed a case where when setting up initial rates for scrobbling, Kavita could print as if a user had a rate limit
  • Added Google Pay payment option
  • Added Google Play rating support
  • When scrobbling, send the first and last times the series was read by the user. This will ensure a better completion and start data in AniList (this will not overwrite existing data)
  • If a chapter has a range of 1-6 and is fully read, when calculating the highest chapter for Scrobbling, use the 6.
  • Added the ability to see the Series the Rating is matched with. You will see an Entry in the tooltip of the rating.
  • Added favorite count on AL and MAL ratings. Click them to see the favorite count from users.
  • Review cards will now show an icon to indicate where the review is from.
  • Kavita+ Launches