NGINX Proxy Manager (Docker)

NGINX Proxy Manager with Let's Encrypt

  • Head over to your Nginx Proxy Manager page
  • Add a new Proxy Host


  • Set the following:
    • Domain Name: to the subdomain you want to use for Kavita
    • Scheme: http
    • Forward hostname/IP: your kavita IP
    • Forward Port: Your kavita port
    • Cache Assets: Optional
    • Websockets Support: enabled
    • Block Common Exploits: enabled
  • Click Save, then edit the proxy host you just created
  • Head over to SSL, and choose "Request a new SSL Certificate"


  • Set the following:
    • Force SSL: enabled
    • HSTS: enabled
  • Click Save

Optional: Organizr iframe Support


  • Edit your Kavita proxy host
  • Click on "Custom locations" and add a locations
  • Click the Gear icon on the right side of the location box to open the Advanced menu
  • Set the following:
    • location: /
    • Scheme: http
    • Hostname: your Kavita IP
    • Port: Your Kavita Port
    • Advanced field:
    proxy_hide_header "Content-Security-Policy";
    add_header Content-Security-Policy "frame-ancestors;";