User Settings


Account Settings



Allows you to change your email address. If you are using a 'username' only account you can set a new email for the first time, but you won't receive an email using this method. The admin user will have to go to the text file logs to get you a confirmation link to use.

Setting a new email requires supplying your current password.


Use this to change your password. You need to supply your current password. As a user, if you have forgotten your password you can contact your Kavita admin and they can reset it for you.

Age Restriction

Displays your current age restriction, if set. Users that have the Change Age Restrictions permission can change this here.

Scrobbling Providers

This is for users to scrobble out outside providers that are supported by Kavita+.

As of the time of writing only AniList is supported.


If you know of other providers that have a public-facing API that allows scrobbling please let us know! We are always evaluating different services to see if they are a good fit for Kavita+