Updating Native

Updating standalone installs of Kavita


If you are updating from a really old version you need to upgrade every 2 versions at a time. Doing otherwise you risk to having to restart with a fresh database.

If you are on 0.7.6+ you can update directly to 0.7.14 otherwise you need to update incrementally to prevent data loss (v0.5.6 > v0.7.1.4 > v0.7.3.1 > v0.7.6 > v0.7.14)

Step 1

Go to https://github.com/Kareadita/Kavita/releases/latest (opens in a new tab) and scroll down until you see the 'assets' section where there's a list of files that you can download

Step 2

Unzip the archive to a temporary directory with the command tar -xzf kavita-linux-{arch}.tar.gz

After extracting the archive to a temporary folder, remove the 'config' folder in said temporary folder.

Step 3

Stop the Kavita program/service from running.

Step 4

Move all the files from your temporary directory over your Kavita install directory.

Step 5

Restart your kavita service.