Updating Docker

Updating Kavita


Remember to use the new Docker Central Repo! (opens in a new tab) The old repo kizaing/kavita is no longer supported!


If you are updating from a really old version, you need to upgrade every 2 versions at a time. Doing otherwise you risk having to restart with a fresh database!

If you are on 0.7.6+ you can update directly to 0.7.14, otherwise, you need to update incrementally to prevent data loss (v0.5.6 > v0.7.1.4 > v0.7.3.1 > v0.7.6 > v0.7.14)

As long as Kavita is in a 'stack' then updating is simple:

Step 1

Go to your stacks on the left sidenav of portainer


Step 2

Go into your Kavita stack in the main listing of available stacks.

Step 3

Go to the editor tab


Step 4


Go straight to the 'Update the stack' Button and click it. When the dialog box comes up asking "Are you sure?", check the box "Re-pull image and redeploy"


Clean up

Don't forget to remove any orphaned images in the 'Images' tab so they don't keep taking up space.