Manga Structure

Make sure you understand the folder requirements of Kavita

A good structure would be:

Library Root
  ┖── Series Name
      ┠── Series Name v01.cbz
      ┠── Series Name v02.cbz
      ┠── Series Name v03.cbz
      ┖── Specials
        ┖── Series Name Omakes SP01.cbz
  ┖── Series Name 2
      ┠── Series Name 2 Vol.01 Ch.1.cbz
      ┠── Series Name 2 Vol.01 Ch.2.cbz
      ┖── Series Name 2 Vol.02 Ch.6.cbz

Examples of Naming conventions supported out of the box

FilenameParsed Series NameVolumeChapter
Noblesse - Episode 406 (52 Pages).7zNoblesse406
[Hidoi]_Amaenaideyo_MS_vol01_chp02.rarAmaenaideyo MS12
Transferred to another world magical swordsman v1.2Transferred to another world magical swordsman12
Okusama wa Shougakusei c003 (v01) [bokuwaNEET]Okusama wa Shougakusei13
Goblin Slayer Side Story - Year One 025.5Goblin Slayer Side Story - Year One25.5
Itoshi no Karin - c001-006x1 (v01) [Renzokusei Scans]Itoshi no Karin1-6
Killing Bites Vol. 0001 Ch. 0001 - Galactica Scanlations (gb)Killing Bites11
And many more (opens in a new tab)...