Kavita allows you to express relationships between different series. Unlike reading lists, linked series provide more context as to how different series relate to each other.

Kavita doesn't dictate any rules to how the relationships are used, however, we do have some suggestions below. When configuring a linked series, for everything but a Prequel or Sequel, Kavita will show a relationship back to the parent series.

sequelDirect continuation of the story.
prequelStory that occurred before the original.
alternative settingSame universe/world/reality/timeline, completely different characters.
alternative versionSame setting, same characters, the story is told differently.
side storyTakes place sometime during the parent storyline.
parentThis field is not selectable. Shows for everything but Sequel/Prequel/Edition
spin-offUses characters of a different series, but is not an alternate setting or story.
adaptationManga/Anime adaptation.
characterWhen characters appear in both series but is not a spin-off
containsNot sure, MAL used it.
editonWhen another series is a special edition or colored edition
doujinshiA fan-published work of the series
otherWhen nothing else fits