Kavita allows for any user to customize their Dashboard and Side Navs to their liking.

To access any customization in this section, you can click the actionable edit menu (â‹®) from your side nav. access_customize

Side Nav

Kavita also allows each user to customize their own Side Nav. Like with the Dashboard, you can reorder, and turn on/off side nav items, Smart Filters and External Sources. Side nav customizations are per-user. customize_sidenav_final_config

The side nav also will only show 10 items + Home item at any given time, everything else is shown under the fold. You can click More and see these extra items at any time. sidenav_more_than_10


Kavita allows each user to customize their own Dashboard by customizing the order of Streams, turning them on/off, and creating a Stream from a Smart Filter. These customizations along with Smart Filters give each user the ability to customize Kavita to their liking. Don't like the way Kavita's On Deck works? Build your own, turn off Kavita's and place your own there. The same features of clicking on the Stream's title to load a full page filtered view still work for everything.

! Note: Smart Filter-based streams will run the smart filter query, so you can edit the smart filter at any given time (via User Settings -> Smart Filter or Clicking on the stream title). ! Note: The order of your dashboard will change your OPDS feed. A smart filter section will also be available if you have any.

customize_dashboard_add_smartfilter customize_dashboard_final_config customize_dashboard_results

External Source

An external source is essentially another Kavita instance that you have access to (or your own with a different user). To get started, access the customization modal from your side nav then click External Sources. Click Add and fill in the required information. The name is for what is rendered on the side nav, the API key is for your user on that server, and the domain. Once created, you can bind it to your Side Nav, like you'd do a Smart Filter. Note that this is explicitly for Kavita servers and will drive new enhancements in future updates.