Admin Settings

Media Tab


Save Media As

This setting tells Kavita what image format to use when creating thumbnails, covers and bookmarks. The 3 choices are:

  • PNG (default)
  • WebP
  • AVIF

You should check the compatibility of the devices and browsers your users have before picking a format.

Can I Use WebP (opens in a new tab)
Can I Use AVIF (opens in a new tab)

Both Webp and AVIF are widely accepted at the time of writing. Using a more efficient image standard will mean quicker transfer times over the network.

Once this setting is changed, you need to run the convert media to target encoding task for your preferred setting to take place.

Cover Image Size


Changing the Cover Image Size to something larger than the default will impact the loading time of images, especially over remote connections.

This setting allows you to pick a larger resolution than the default.

Options are:

  • Default - 320x455
  • Medium - 640x909
  • Large - 900x1277
  • Extra Large - 1265x1795

Changing the above settings will NOT retroactively change covers. Once a new setting is picked, use the convert media to target encoding task for all existing Bookmarks and covers.

Bookmarks Directory

This setting lets you change where Kavita stores bookmarks the users create. Since making bookmarks saves a copy of the page outside of the initial library, this will take up additional space.

Changing this lets you store the bookmarks in a spot that has access to a larger pool of storage.

Media Issues


This list does not automatically clear. Once you fix the files, press the Clear Alerts button.

Any problems that Kavita detects with your files will show up here.

See Common Media Issues for some examples of general problems and how to fix them.

Scrobble Issues

Server-wide dashboard of any series that is having problems scrobbling to an external provider. This list will allow you to go directly to a series so you can match it with the properly linked series page with an external provider.

Series usually appear here if they are named wrong and can't match to the provider, or if they just don't exist yet on the provider.