Admin Settings

Email Tab

Email In this tab, you can configure the email service Kavita uses for Send To device, User registration, and Forgot Password.


As of version Kavita no longer sends emails using the built-in account.


You no longer need to use the Kavita-Email external program. This functionality has been built directly into Kavita.

You need to configure an email server to use the Invite by email, forget password and send to device functionality.

Shutdown of built-in emailer

With the release of 0.8.0 stable on 4/14/24, the emailer built into Kavita was shut down. This functionality still exists and can be used, it will just require the user to set up their email account inside Kavita.

Migrating from Kavita-Email

To use the new email server built into the main application of Kavita going forward you can just transfer your settings from Kavita-Email.

These are the same exact settings you were using already, just not built-in.

Gmail users

You'll need to set up an "App Password" to use the email service with your existing email account.

How to create a Gmail app password (opens in a new tab)

Office 365 users

Information on app passwords is located here: (opens in a new tab)