3rd Party Clients

Connecting to Kavita from CDisplayEx (opens in a new tab) requires the premium version of CDisplayEx!

Add a new location

On the home page, use the big + button at the bottom right to add a new location. Then choose the Kavita option from the list that appears. A dialog box appears asking you to enter some information.

You can specify an IP Address or a host name to identify the remote server. Here are some examples:, computer.local, demo.kavitareader.com, user.host.net/kavita

Specify a port number if you are using a different port than the one used by default by the HTTP or HTTPS protocols. If you are using HTTPS, check the SSL option.

Use the Sign In button to authenticate yourself.

If you are using a self-signed certificate and don't want to add it to your device, there is an experimental option to disable SSL certificate verification.

The application uses a virtual folder structure to browse books by library, series, collections and reading lists. Select a folder to make only part of your library accessible. If you want to make everything accessible, leave the path blank.

Add a description and leave the other options checked.

Now press the ADD button and the synchronization will start, depending on the size of your library and the performance of your server it may take a few minutes or a few seconds. You will be notified when this operation is complete.

Nested folders

Without waiting for the synchronization to complete, you can browse folders by tapping on the location that was just added to the home page. In this view, the server must be reachable. You will be able to navigate in a virtual folder structure.

To see a thumbnail on the folder and to display statistical information, you must activate the thumbnail option: Show a thumbnail on folders (opens in a new tab)


Once the synchronization is complete, the location has been added to the application library, it is accessible offline. Go to the series from the home page or by using the navigation bar. If you want to read a book offline you need to download it, long press on the book and use the download button.

Reading status

Reading status and reading progress are synced at different times when you use the app.

  • When you sync location manually. (Make a long press on the location and start the synchronization)
  • When you browse or refresh a series folder from a location.
  • When you open and close a book.
  • When the app goes into the background while a book is open.