Kavita Guides

Here you can find walkthroughs and all the various settings of Kavita.

Admin Settings - All the settings explained that deal with running the Kavita server.
User Settings - All the settings are explained for users.
Updating - Instructions on how to update the Kavita server based on your install method.
Features - A breakdown of the major features that Kavita has.
3rd Party Clients - Setup instructions for setting up various 3rd party software to work with Kavita.
External Tools - A list of tools that may help manipulate your media to better work with Kavita.
Metadata - Information on how Kavita uses various metadata
Custom Themes - How to change the theme that Kavita uses.
Library Scanner - Detailed information on how the scanning process works.
OPDS - Information on how the OPDS protocol works within Kavita.
API - Discusses the API and how you can access it to make custom programs or scripts that interface with Kavita.