Getting Started

Getting Started

System Requirements

Kavita is built with Microsoft .NET 8.0 and Angular 17. The .NET Framework requires an operating system that is still in its support cycle to work. You can check the list of supported OSs here (opens in a new tab)

Kavita can run on a wide variety of devices, but your experience will be better the more hardware resources you have. While your media files don't need to be on an SSD, keeping your Kavita database file on an SSD will greatly increase the performance of the application.

Users have reported running the app on as little as a single-core 1Ghz CPU and 256MB RAM.

The only requirement Kavita has is the need for a CPU that supports SSE4.2 extensions. This is because of the upstream library NetVIPS. See the FAQ for how to work around it.

Supported Browsers

Kavita uses Angular, which supports up to the 2 most recent versions of a web browser (opens in a new tab). If you use an older web browser you may have compatibility issues, or worst case, not be able to load Kavita at all due to incompatibility.


If you want to try out a demo of Kavita first before installing, you can find it at (opens in a new tab).

Installation methods

Kavita only supports operating systems and environments that are still in their support cycle. Running the software using End-of-Life technologies is highly likely to run into issues.

There are a few ways to get setup running Kavita depending on what environment you have:

  1. Install using Docker
  2. Install using a pre-compiled executable for your operating system
  3. Install on your NAS or storage applicance