Comic Manga Reader


When in the Web Reader click or tap in the center of the screen to bring up the menu. In the top left the arrow will let you exit the manga/comic and the title, volume, and chapter of what you have open is displayed. kavita_WebReader_Settings

Previous Chapter or Volume


First Page


Last Page


Next Chapter or Volume


Reading Direction: Left to Right or Right To Left
  • Reading Direction changes which side of the screen you need to press to move to the next page. By default, you are reading Left to right, meaning the right side (as shown in Pagination below) will move you to the next page. You can toggle to Right to Left and hence the left side will progress to the next page.


  • When changing the Reading Direction option Colors will briefly highlight the Pagination (page turn) areas. kavita_webreader_pagination
    Reading Mode: is either Side to Side, Up and Down, or Webtoon mode


    Color Options: None, Dark, or Sepia


    Web Reader Settings


    Note: All Menu options scale with the screen size of your device display.

Image Splitting Options: Right to Left, Left to Right, Fit to Screen
  • Splitting is the act of taking a spread page (a page that contains both left and right as one image) and virtually splitting it so that it looks and acts like two pages. This is useful if you don't want to scroll or zoom while reading on a phone or tablet.
    • Left to Right: The left half of the image is shown as the first page, then the right half as the second page. This is the most common choice for comics.
    • Right to Left: The right half of the image is shown as the first page, then the left half as the second page. This is the most common choice for manga.
    • Fit to Screen: Fits the image to the width of your screen. Unlike the width option under Image Scaling, this is only applied on spread pages. KavitaWebReaderSettingsFullSmallImageSplitting
      Image Scaling Options: Height, Width, and Original
  • Scaling Options adjust how the image is mapped to your screen.
    • Height: Fits the image to the height of your screen.
    • Width: Fits the image to the width of your screen. Best for reading on a phone.
    • Original: Does not scale the image.

Note: By default, Kavita will choose the best option based on your screen size. This can be changed in User Preferences > Image Reader > Scaling Options.


Auto Close the Menu Check Box


Bookmark Selection at the top right of each page. For more information on Bookmarks click here


Warning: Web Reader menu settings do not persist between reading sessions. Use User Preferences to update for persistence.

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • LEFT/RIGHT ARROW: Previous/Next Page (assuming left to right reading mode) (Left being Previous assumes Left to Right reading direction)
  • UP/DOWN ARROW: Previous/Next Page (assuming using up and down reading mode)
  • SPACE: Open Menu
  • G: Open Go To Page
  • B: Bookmark Current Page
  • ESCAPE: Close the reader

Webtoon Reading Mode

The reader provides a few ways to read without having to close the reader to open the next chapter. As shown above, there are Next/Previous Chapter buttons that can be manually clicked and in addition, for non-webtoon mode, you can just page like normal and within 10 pages of a chapter boundary, the server will prefetch information needed and tell the server to start caching said files.

For Webtoon mode, due to the nature of the reader, there is a slightly more manual way to trigger the next/previous chapters. You can always use the buttons, however, doing it without using the menu is more ideal. Now when the user scrolls to the top or last page in the reader, a "spacer" is inserted at the top or bottom respectively. This spacer should show an animation to the user to scroll into it. When that is done, the next chapter is loaded.