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Manga Reading Progress

When reading your progress is saved automatically so that you can resume at any time or from a different device. Just hit the "Continue" button to jump right to your current page. KavitaReadingProgressMain In this example we can quickly see that Volume 1 has been opened as there is no Green flag in the top right corner, and while Volume 2 is also missing the flag it has a green progress bar below the cover art. KavitaReadingProgressVolumes


KavitaReadingProgessCurrent Volumes 3 though 6 have the Green Flag which can mean that the item is either newly added or untouched. KavitaReadingProgressNewUntouched Inside the Manga with the Progress bar, clicking on the current image will bring up the on screen display which will also show your reading progress and allow you to change options or skip forwards or backwards. KavitaReadingProgressManga

If you open a Volume, make any progress, and close it again the Green Flag will also disappear. However, you can always mark an item as Unread using the Action Menu. This will remove all progress from that item.