Guide Overview

Big thanks to aitopu34 a.k.a ACK72 for developing this extension

Note: As of v1.3.* the extension is only compatible with Paperback v0.8.

Known Limitations

  • Recommendation and ReadingList feature of Kavita currently are not supported.
  • Tracking is supported, but as of Paperback v0.8 you must add the series to a collection (press the bookmark icon), then setup tracking individually.


Kavya Extension: Please report any errors here.

Those link to the plugin's GitHub. Please do not create issues on Kavita's GitHub for extension-related issues.


Make sure Kavita is updated to the latest version

  1. After that, go the to app store and install Paperback. Image_11

  2. Go to and tap "Add to Paperback" Image_10

  3. Tap "Open" when prompted to Open in "Paperback"? Image_9

  4. Tap "Add as Source Repo" Image_8

  5. Open Paperback and go to Settings > External Sources > Browse ACK72's Extensions Image_6

  6. Install Kavya Image_5


To make the extension link with your Kavita instance we need the API Key. The steps to get the API Key are:

Access your Kavita instance from your web browser and log in

  1. Access your Kavita user dashboard
  2. Switch to "3rd Party Clients" tab
  3. Copy the text under the API Key Image_1

Once the API KEY is obtained open Paperback

  1. Go back to External Sources page and tap on Kayva Image_4

  2. Under Source Settings tap on "Server Settings" Image_3

  3. Under Server Settings enter in your your Server URL in the corresponding field.

  4. Enter your API key in the corresponding field.

  5. Tap Save Image_2

  6. Tap on the Book icon in the bottom left, then "Kavya" in the top of the screen.

  7. Swipe down to refresh.

  8. Browse your library Image

Progress Syncing

Progress Syncing is handled at chapter/issue level, not page level. That means after a chapter/issue is finished completion is synced to Kavita.

  1. Open Paperback and go to Settings

  2. Tap External Trackers IMG_6210

  3. Tap Edit and "+" IMG_6211

  4. You can put whatever you would like in the name field. Add this to the URL field: and tap "Add to Paperback" IMG_6214

  5. Tap the source you just named.

  6. Tap Install next to the Tracker IMG_6215