Api Documentation

v0.6.1.7+ no longer supports enabling swagger on Kavita installations. It can be used on dev builds or you can use our api documentation

To view the documentation you have to enable swagger in settings and head to http://localhost:5000/swagger or use https://www.kavitareader.com/docs/api/#/

Alternatively you can build Kavita on your local machine and then browse to the Swagger UI at http://localhost:5000/swagger/. Kavita uses JWT for authentication, and thus you must attach your JWT key to Swagger to test against your local instance.

You can get your JWT by opening dev tools on a browser you have authenticated against and getting this key "kavita-user" from local storage. This will have a token key within it. Use "Bearer TOKEN_KEY" to authenticate. This must be on all APIs for Kavita to respond.

External readers

These are only the guides for some of them.


Access the list of external readers here

Go to opds wiki page


Access the guide for Tachiyomi here

External tools

Both ComicTagger and MangaManager work with comic files and manga files. They have different UI with different features

Comic Tagger

  • Import metadata from online metadata sources for comics
  • Edit ComicInfo.xml for both cbz and cbr
  • Option to bulk edit using CLI

Go to comic tagger repo

Manga Manager

  • Actively developed.
  • Currently, only supports .cbz
  • Change covers for individual cbz (changes the first image of the file)
  • Rename files to include volume info
  • Metadata editor with clear UI (allows bulk selection)
  • Support for CLI usage
  • Webp Converter
  • Copy Metadata from different files
  • Epub to Cbz
  • Docker support for headless systems

Go to Manga Manager repo


Lets you add metadata to ebooks.

Go to Calibre's main page

Calibre Metadata

Edit your metadata making sure to set the Series and Number correctly so that Kavita groups the volumes of a Series together. Calibre%20Metadata Kavita%20Calibre%20Bobiverse

Then under Preferences change the Save to Disk settings to: Screenshot%202022-02-03%20162818

Next, use the Save to Disk option and import those files into your Kavita library location.

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