Metadata Filtering

Kavita (v0.7.8+) has a rich metadata interface which allows you to build complex filters to find exactly what you're looking for. The system allows for you to build a series of statements that AND or OR together with custom sorting and a limit feature (for those that have large libraries).


Filter Fields

Field Field Type Description
Series Name String The Name of the Series
Summary String The Summary of the Series
Path String The file path to the highest level of the Series
File Path String The full file path for any file within the Series (note: this is slower than other fields)
Read Time Number Number of hours to read the Series
Release Year Number The Release year of the Series (minimum from all chapters)
Read Progress Number Decimal percentage of Series that is read by user
User Rating Number User Rating percentage of Series by user
Publication Status Single/Multi Select Publication Status of Series (ie Complete, Hiatus, etc)
Languages Single/Multi Select Language of Series
Age Rating Single/Multi Select Age Rating of Series
People* Single/Multi Select Person of some Role that is on the Series
Genres Single/Multi Select Genre in Series
Tags Single/Multi Select Tag in Series
Collection Tag Single/Multi Select Series that belongs in a Collection
Format Single/Multi Select Series Format (epub, archive, etc)
Want To Read Boolean If Series is in user's Want To Read list
Reading Date Date Latest date the Series was read by the user
  • People refers to fields such as Translator, Editor, Inker, etc

Filter Combination

Filter Combination Applies on Description
Equal String/Number/Multi Select Equals exactly
Not Equal String/Number/Multi Select Doesn't Equal
Begins With String Starts with string
Ends With String Ends with string
Matches String Applies a search-like match on the field
Is Before Date Date is before X
Is After Date Date is after X
Less Than Number Less than X
Less Than Equal Number Less than or Equal to X
Greater Than Number Greater than X
Greater Than Equal Number Greater than or Equal to X
Contains Multi Select The Filter Field contains at least one entry of what is passed
Must Contains Multi Select The Filter Field contains all of what is passed
Must Not Contains Multi Select The Filter Field contains none of what is passed

Smart Filters

A Smart Filter is essentially a saved filter (best created on All Series page). The underlying filter can be loaded and changed and anything that is bound with the Smart Filter will automatically be reflected of the new filters. Once you have a Smart Filter created, check out Customization to learn about how you can utilize the filters.

To create a Smart Filter, just add a name in the Name field and hit Save. Smart Filter names must be unique per user. Smart Filters are user-bound. create_smart_filter smart%20filter%20list