External Readers

If using Kavita's built-in readers is not your cup of tea, you can use external readers over OPDS.

OPDS is an open protocol to allow downloading and reading content. OPDS by default does not allow for any progress tracking unless you use OPDS-PS with Kavita.

What you find below is not an exhaustive list, but rather what has been tested to work with Kavita.


Name Opds Opds-PS Epub Progress Sync
Moon Reader
Kubo Reader
Tachiyomi ✗* ✓**

* Does not use opds. However, for ease of setup the same link retrieved from this setting is used
** To be released soon


Name Opds Opds-PS Epub Progress Sync
Paperback WIP

Have a suggestion for an app that we can connect with? Drop by the Feature Requests page and suggest it or upvote existing requests.